World Jewish Relief

World Jewish Relief is the UK Jewish community’s international humanitarian agency. We tackle Jewish poverty and reach beyond our community.

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Established in 1933, the charity rescued tens of thousands of people from Nazi-occupied Europe and was largely responsible for organising the Kindertransport, rescuing almost 10,000 unaccompanied children, the majority of whom were Jewish.

We continue our legacy of supporting society’s most vulnerable to this day. Working predominantly in the Former Soviet Union, we support the world’s poorest Jewish communities.

Our work is concentrated on three key areas. Firstly, we work with older people to give them dignity in their autumn years. Secondly, we enable people to support themselves and their families through our livelihood programmes, which bring families into work and out of the cycle of poverty forever. Thirdly, we lead the Jewish community’s response to international disasters.

We do all of this as an expression of the Jewish ethos to: “Anticipate charity by preventing poverty” (Maimonides).

Leaving a gift to World Jewish Relief in your will can make a lasting difference. Our work enables people to survive day-to-day – with food, medicine and warmth – and makes a long-term, sustainable difference by helping people to become self-reliant. Legacies are critical in enabling this; without continuing bequests, we would simply be unable to make the huge difference that we do to many of the world’s poorest Jewish communities.

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