The Differences Legacies Make

Hadassah UK

“You don’t have to be a doctor to save lives”

Lotte Treu dreamt of making a difference to future medical treatment, in memory of her late husband, Dr. Rudolf Treu.

Her legacy enabled Hadassah to open a state of the art operating facility, where it continues not only to give healing care, but also to pioneer research into new treatment.


Over the past 5 years, legacies have funded over £1 million worth of life-changing social welfare and education projects, helping vulnerable and disadvantaged Israeli citizens, regardless of race or religion.

A legacy of any size or % will make a massive difference to helping future generations of Israelis become self-sufficient members of society and will, ultimately, create a stronger Israel for us all.

Jewish Blind & Disabled

Legacies enable Jewish Blind & Disabled to continue building mobility apartments, for people of 18 upwards, physically disabled or vision impaired, to live independently.

Joel in his late twenties and was born with cerebral palsy.  His life has been transformed by Jewish Blind & Disabled.

According to his mother: “Jewish Blind & Disabled has given Joel the independence he so richly deserves.…”


World Jewish Relief

Four generations of the Jinjikhashvili–Bulbutashvili family sleep in one tiny room. Walls are crumbling and there is just a stove to warm their apartment.

World Jewish Relief enables them to survive from day to day.

Support from gifts in Wills can take more people out of poverty and transform their lives. 


Kisharon supports 27 adults across 9 supported living facilities.

Simon is one of these adults.

Simon suffers from multiple learning difficulties and is supported by two support workers.

Kisharon uses the money it receives from gifts in Wills to provide people like Simon with the opportunity to live independently and have a key to their own front door.

Camp Simcha

A legacy of £100,000 in 2016, funds an annual 3 day residential Family Retreat in Oxford, aimed at families like Cherry Tuckers, dealing with the daily challenges of childhood illness.  

Cherry’s mum said: “…. When you have a sick child, they always have to come first, but at retreat all the children are made to feel equally special.”


Imagine being able to create a new life after you have gone. Leaving a legacy to Chana will help a couple have the baby they long for.

1 in 6 couples in the UK experience infertility. Chana, ensures that no one deals with their situation alone.

To date 677 babies have been born to couples supported by Chana.

Maccabi GB

Through over 250-targeted projects, programmes and events, Maccabi GB reaches over 40,000 people nationally including  4,000 young people weekly. As well as its comprehensive sports programmes, it offers an extensive range of informal education projects and social events for all age groups.

Leaving a legacy to Maccabi GB will enable it to carry on its incredible work.



A legacy to JCoSS will ensure its teachers have the finest teaching tools and technology and the ability to provide a unique programme of informal activities to enhance the curriculum.

The next generation needs an excellent education with the skills and values to enable them to reach their potential.


JW3 is a registered charity. 

60% of its funding is derived from earned income.  The remainder comes from the generous support of its donors and funders.

A gift to JW3 in your Will will help it to programme arts and culture, deliver inspiring education and strengthen the community.

Yad Vashem UK Foundation

Yad Vashem strengthens Jewish identity among youth groups who visit, high school groups, Birthright or March of the Living. It provides world leaders with an education in the ramifications of genocide and strengthens the motivation of Israeli soldiers who visit Yad Vashem during their initial service.

Your legacy to Yad Vashem, however large or small, will help this work.

KKL /JNF Case Study

Marie Sherrett’s legacy was instrumental in helping JNF UK renovate a centre for children with autism in Kiryat Gat, the first facility of its kind in the area. Thanks to Marie, kids who might otherwise have to travel hours to obtain the care they need, can now access a range of personalised treatments without having to leave their home town.


ALEH is Israel’s leading network of care for children with severely complex disabilities.

Leaving a gift in your Will to ALEH  will enable it to continue working  to improve the lives of these children. Children who were once deemed incapable of performing basic tasks will be able to live a much greater quality of life.


Thousands of young people benefit from JLGB’s character-building and life-enhancing skills programmes.

Leaving a gift in your Will to JLGB will enable it to continue its great work with changing the lives of young people and thereby creating an even  greater amount of positive role models in the community.


When Brian Davis passed away, his son, Robert, fulfilled his wishes to benefit one of Norwood’s Children & Family Centres.

Last month, Robert unveiled the improvements, with a plaque dedicating the new annexe to his parents Brian and Lynda.

Robert says. “I’m delighted that it will enable Norwood to offer its services to more children and young people with disabilities.”

Youth Aliyah 

One of Youth Aliyah’s donors regularly supported the pet therapy centre at the Talpiot Children’s village in Hadera, Israel. Talpiot is home to hundreds of at-risk and vulnerable children who have suffered trauma, abuse and neglect.

On the donor’s passing they chose to leave a legacy of £5000 to the programme, allowing pet therapy to continue to run.


JVN is the only charity that connects individuals from across the community to volunteering opportunities.

By leaving a legacy to JVN you will be helping to support over 300 organisations that use its services to recruit volunteers, saving charities millions of pounds and ensuring that they can continue to provide their vital services.


JFS is working towards the development of a new Technology Wing that will house vocational courses, such as Engineering and Robotics as well as growing BTech and other vocational routes.

By leaving a gift in your Will to JFS, the school will be able to continue improving its programmes and continuing to provide a first class education.

Chai Cancer Care

For the last 30 years Chai has been offering expertise, care and specialised support at every stage of the cancer journey.

Remembering Chai ensures that future generations of cancer patients and their families can access the very best expert advice and specialist support.

Jewish Care

Legacies make a real difference to Jewish Care.

Thanks to legacies it can provide specially modified care buses to bring members to its community centres.

Every year its care buses make over 8,000 journeys to and from its  services.

Without these buses many of its members simply wouldn’t be able to benefit from them.

The S & P Sephardi Synagogue

The S & P Sephardi Synagogue is the oldest synagogue group in the UK.

S & P’s most notable legacy was  given by Sir Moses Montefiore to maintain his own synagogue and the Judith Lady Montefiore College in Ramsgate; much later this was set up as an independent charity, the Montefiore Endowment. The Endowment runs courses in London for training future rabbis and an international programme to train future ‘Dayanim for the Diaspora’.  The Endowment, which maintains close links to the Synagogue, has given generous support to numerous students in the UK and to many other educational charities.



Jewish Child’s Day

Every year the charity helps over 12,000 children, supporting blind, deaf, children suffering from physical, learning or emotional difficulties, who are abused, neglected, deprived or disadvantaged.

Leaving a legacy to Jewish Child’s Day will ensure that it can continue its vital work in making a difference to Jewish children in need worldwide.


Malek has impaired vision and a lack of self-esteem.

However, the UJIA-funded Youth Futures mentoring programme transformed her.

Her mentor, Sarah, helped her go from never speaking in class, to embracing a role in the school play and reaching an outstanding level in English.

A legacy, ensures that UJIA can help children like Malek.