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WIZO is the largest social welfare organisation in Israel and has consultative status at the UN at UNICEF and ECOSOC. WIZO helps vulnerable and disadvantaged Israeli citizens, regardless of age, race, or religion, to become self-sufficient and contributing members of society. With over 250,000 members in 50 countries worldwide, WIZO is the main agent for change for people in Israel.

For over 100 years, WIZO has been supporting vital projects across Israel including day care centres, vocational training schools, shelters for women and children, centres for girls at-risk, youth villages and boarding schools. WIZO runs life-changing programmes supporting single parent families, immigrants, vulnerable teenagers, and the elderly, as well as providing dedicated hotlines responding to issues around parenting, legal problems and domestic violence for men and women.

Today, as we realise a frightening increase across the globe in the levels of violence against women, WIZO offers unique examples of action and achievement. The WIZO Rule recently passed in the Israel Parliament, makes it law for any man proven to have been violent against a woman to undergo therapy. The WIZO men’s hotline for those struggling to control their anger and reaching out for help is now receiving 3-4 times as many calls and callers and their families are being supported appropriately. The WIZO safety net programme “adopts” and supports women emotionally and practically as they leave the safety of our women’s shelters so that they do not re-enter the cycle of violence.

There are currently 68 students from Ukraine and 74 students from Russia living and studying in WIZO youth villages, most of whom came to Israel alone, expecting their parents to join them in the future. WIZO is providing these students with every type of emotional, social and material support. This includes in particular, specialist psychological help (requiring Russian or Ukrainian speaking health professionals) and additional personal tutors and carers to provide comfort in these dark times.


Leaving a legacy to WIZO is a wonderful way to ensure that together we can continue to be there for vulnerable and disadvantaged Israelis for generations to come. With your help, we can create a better future for all. To learn more about leaving a legacy to WIZO, contact n.miller@wizouk.org or call 020 7319 9169.





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