Jewish Deaf Association

Losing your hearing can be devastating. Struggling to keep up with conversation, hard of hearing people often withdraw, feeling excluded by family and friends and isolated from many aspects of daily life.

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With NHS and local council budgetary cuts everywhere they look to for help, more and more people are turning to the JDA. It has now become our vital role to provide advice to many more people with all levels of hearing loss: on specialist equipment, counselling classes and services, in order to improve their communication, social opportunities and confidence.

The JDA provides our older Jewish Deaf and Deafblind senior citizens from the signing community with their own unique and highly valued Day Centre. Here they feel at home in a relaxed atmosphere with friends who share similar life experiences and culture, enjoying stimulating activities, outings and signed celebrations of Jewish Festivals. They also rely on our welfare/communication support services, which enable them to live happier, more independent and therefore more fulfilling lives in their own homes for as long as possible.

Jewish parents of deaf babies and children also need emotional and practical support and care and JDA Family Services is there to help, dealing with many issues that arise through nursery, school, university life and beyond.

Despite doing the work of local authorities, we receive no statutory funding. The JDA is an independent charity, relying totally on bequests and donations. Please support our work as generously as you can by including the JDA in your Will, allowing us to continue to provide deaf people with high quality professional services and life-enhancing care whenever it is needed.