Youth Aliyah Child Rescue

“Youth Aliyah is not only a way to restore to the children in its care their physical and emotional well-being, but also a trust in human love and respect.”

Albert Einstein

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Youth Aliyah Child Rescue provides a nurturing home for children at risk where they can live, learn, and heal together.

Since 1933, Youth Aliyah Child Rescue has been transforming the lives of vulnerable and at-risk children in Israel and from across the world.

Thousands of children from Israel and around the world have benefitted from our life-changing work.

Children are provided with a warm and supportive home for life in one of our five Youth Villages and two leadership programmes, where they are given everything they need to live happy, fulfilling and productive lives.

Our “Village Way” educational approach was developed based on decades of experience at Yemin Orde Youth Village. So far, this ground-breaking initiative has impacted over 55 educational communities and schools, 22,000 at risk children, and 2,500 educators.

Today more than 400,000 children in Israel have been deemed at-risk by welfare authorities. With decades of experience, we know how to take them ‘from survival to leadership’. With your help we can continue to reach more children.

The youth villages we support are:

Aloney Yitzchak


Neveh Hadassah

Yemin Orde

T.O.M. (Torah u’Mikzo’ah)

Three Mechina (army preparatory) programmes for at risk youth

Our Mechina programmes were born under the auspices of the Village Way and are uniquely designed to empower young Israeli people from immigrant and other high risk backgrounds, providing them with the necessary skills to excel in their mandatory military services. The programmes also help ensure that our graduates can thrive in their civilian life that follows. In stark contrast to other programmes, our Mechina participants do not pay to attend.  There are separate programmes for men and women, and for youth who have been involved in the criminal justice system.

What is The Village Way?

In 2006, Israel’s Ministry of Education urged Yemin Orde Youth Village to expand its unique and successful circle of care to thousands of other at-risk children throughout Israel and, consequently, The Village Way was launched.

The Village Way is a professional facilitation team that works intensively with educators across the country to adopt the proven and very successful Village Way programme.

The methodology of the Village Way is widely praised throughout Israel as a model of educational excellence and it is integrated into university-level education courses and into Israel’s public school system, including schools in Israeli-Arab and Orthodox Jewish communities.