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Yad Vashem UK Foundation is committed to driving Holocaust education and raising funds for Yad Vashem in Israel

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Yad Vashem UK Foundation raises money to support and promote the vital work of Yad Vashem as the World Holocaust Remembrance Centre.

In the UK, we promote Holocaust education and awareness through:

Our unique Yad Vashem produced ‘Holocaust and Jewish Identity’ Learning resource which is now available permanently in 5 Jewish schools in the UK and on a temporary exhibition basis.
The active promotion of Yad Vashem produced mobile exhibitions at locations throughout the UK.
The utilisation of Yad Vashem educators and public speakers at speaking events we organise.
Remembrance of victims’ names through our Guardian of the Memory project.
Sponsoring Educators’ Seminars for UK teachers at Jewish schools and organisations by the Yad Vashem International School of Holocaust Studies in Israel.
Having a Book Club, and holding events a few times a year in reviewing relevant works.