Yad Sarah

7000 volunteers offering a broad spectrum of services at 100 plus branches throughout Israel, are fulfilling the Yad Sarah vision around the clock

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Since it’s inception in 1974, Yad Sarah has provided comprehensive and supportive health services that allow individuals in need of care to remain at home and in their communities as long as possible.

The rehabilitative equipment lending service allows everyone to take advantage of the best equipment available without dependence on public medicine. The emergency call centre provides round the clock supervision so even the elderly, sick and those needing end of life care can stay at home. The home hospital service makes it possible to replace hospitalisation, rehabilitation and end of life care with home care without compromising on quality of treatment.

750,000 People helped – 7000 Volunteers – 424,000 Medical equipment loans – 63,000 visits to the homebound – 20,000 emergency alarm subscribers – 120 branches – Saving the Israeli economy £400 million per annum