We equip parents to raise the next generation  with a sophisticated understanding of their Jewish heritage 

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Seed provides adult and family Jewish education across the UK through formal study and informal experiences. We aim to strengthen the family through positive Jewish encounters and by sharing the richness of Jewish life, learning and values.

For over three decades, Seed has been at the forefront of adult education, catering particularly (but not exclusively) for parents of young children. Seed offers a sophisticated, authentic and contemporary knowledge of Judaism, Jewish living and the Jewish family.


Our wide range of programmes are run in many locations across the UK including schools, synagogues, homes, and our own venues in Edgware and Manchester.  In the Covid months, we moved completely to an on-line platform.

This academic year, pre-covid, we have…


Ø  Provided quality Jewish education in 30 different areas nationally 

Ø  Run over 1,000 separate educational events with a total of over 22,000 attendances

Ø  Reached over 5,000 individual participants


That means, over 2 academic terms, the equivalent of 152 people did something with seed every day, with an average of 42 seed events every week.


Ø  Regular programmes in 12 primary schools

Ø  350 One-to-One learning partnerships

Ø  4 international trips and residential seminars in the past year

This academic year, post-covid, we have……..

On zoom:

  Over 400 events, which included over 7000 attendances with over 1000 individual participants.

On YouTube:

People watched our videos over 13k times, with over 1.4k of watch time.

On Facebook:

20.5k minutes viewed on the Seed Facebook page