British Friends of Reuth

Reuth Medical Center is a hospital which provides medical, rehabilitative and nursing care to adults, the elderly, children and babies. With over 350 beds, it is the largest of its kind in the Tel Aviv area and is affiliated with Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine.

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The British Friends of Reuth is a registered UK charity and has been active for over seven decades in assisting Reuth’s work in Israel in the field of healthcare and social welfare. The British Friends raises funds and awareness for the Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital in Tel Aviv.

People come to Reuth, broken, having lost some of their physical and mental abilities, their independence, and dignity. This is often when they have been in car accidents, suffered from terror attacks, severe trauma, been a victim of a stroke, or soldiers suffering injuries. We take people of all ages, religion, nationality and ethnicity.

We specialise in treating each individual as a whole person. Our experienced therapists use a myriad of tools, finely honed skills and work with an abundance of passion and compassion to help our patients, whether they need treatment for weeks, months or even years.

With the aim of providing the highest attainable quality of life, Reuth provides a wide range of rehabilitative programmes to its patients including music, drama, animal and garden therapies.

The hospital provides medical, rehabilitative and nursing care to adults, the elderly, children and babies and has over 350 beds and sees up to 2,000 outpatients a year.

Being one of Israel’s oldest and largest non-profit organizations, Reuth relies on the donations of its supporters to ensure it can continue the vital treatments needed by its patients. Its guiding principle is that every individual has the right to live with respect and dignity.

A legacy will make a considerable difference to the quality of life of patients, and will support the amazing work the staff and volunteers at the Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital continues to do for their patients. Your legacy will fund equipment, treatments and support to patients and their families at their time of need.