René Cassin

The Jewish voice for human rights

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What we do


We work to protect and promote universal human rights, using the powerful perspective of Jewish experience and values.


As ‘the Jewish voice for human rights’ we:

  • Work to uphold the human rights principles that we believe are a direct response to the horrors of the Holocaust. We take our name from Monsieur René Cassin, the French-Jewish Nobel Laureate who was one of the principal drafters of the post-war Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Advocate for the rights of vulnerable minorities, particularly on issues – such as discrimination, asylum and modern slavery – that resonate with Jewish history and experience
  • Educate tomorrow’s human rights defenders

We need your help to continue this vital work

Intolerance and nationalism are on the rise. Our work to protect and promote the rights of all people is now more imporant than ever. We rely on the commitment and generosity of our supporters for the funds to continue that work.


Let your legacy be a world that recognises and respects human dignity.


Please remember René Cassin in your will.