A UK charity that supports 18 under-the-radar causes in Israel

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Myisrael is a UK charity that mentors and supports 18 under-the-radar social welfare causes in Israel, helping all vulnerable populations including:

  • Elderly
  • Women
  • Children
  • Teenagers-at-risk
  • Homeless people
  • Immigrant communities
  • Those living with disabilities
  • Families living in poverty.

Myisrael has a unique model – our chosen causes are thoroughly vetted, and once adopted, Myisrael builds awareness of their mission, raises funds for their amazing work and mentors them to become more efficient in their practices.

  • Myisrael aims to inspire the next generation of donors to Israel and our model enables donors to choose where their money goes.   Donors know that their support directly impacts vulnerable lives and helps individuals break negative cycles of poverty, abuse and underachievement.
  • Myisrael encourages a personal connection between causes and donors, so we send feedback  to donors and families, letting them know how their donation helped, which demonstrates the impact of their support.

The founders and directors of our causes are the real heroes of our story.  They saw a problem and became part of the solution.  We build close relationships with them and regularly visit their projects, enabling us to understand their needs and help them in their mission.   Crucially, every penny donated goes directly to Myisrael’s adopted causes.   Our 100% promise can be fulfilled because we raise money for our core costs from donors who give for that specific purpose.

With your support Myisrael can help more families in need break negative cycles.