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Mission Statement

To uphold the sanctity of life while preserving human dignity, supporting each person in any medical situation, and providing professional and devoted care.

British Friends of Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Centre (BFMHMC) is a United Kingdom Charitable organisation which was established to promote and support Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Centre in Bnei Berak. BFMHMC provides financial support to fund services, training, the purchase of medical equipment and capital projects.

Recent Advances:

Mayanei Hayeshua’s mental health wing is the first culturally sensitive mental health unit in the world. From its inception, it has been dedicated to helping patients to return seamlessly to society, and to become integrated back into their community. In keeping with this ethos and based on global best-practice for minimising readmission of psychiatric patients, Mayanei Hayeshua has developed its own timely and effective patient follow-up solution: The Psychiatric Post-Hospitalisation Monitoring Unit.

In addition, the Ministry of Health has recognised the outstanding work done with managing the Coronavirus pandemic, and has designated Mayanei Hayeshua as one of the few hospitals chosen to immediately build an entire floor dedicated to the care of Coronavirus patients, in preparation for any recurrence of the infection.

Today we proudly deliver more than 12,000 beautiful Jewish babies every year! That is a staggering average of between 30 and 40 every single day! With the demand constantly growing (mothers-to-be come from all over the country to benefit from the “Mayanei Hayeshua birthing experience”) we are planning an additional 34-bed Obstetrics Department and Neo-natal Unit. For over two years this department has had a zero-infection rate.

For more information and getting involved with the organisation’s activities please contact Mr. Steven Resnick, Executive Director:  TL: 020 3621 9777 or MOB: 07803 163551            E-mail:

Board Members

Co-Chair: Dr Rosalind Landau and Stephen Goldberg

Sara Cohen: Sarah Davis: Irene Leeman: Graham Calvert

Charity Number:1123360 (England & Wales)