Leket Israel

Leket Israel – the National Food Bank, rescues fresh nutritious surplus food and donates it to Israel’s most vulnerable communities.

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Established in 2003, the fresh food rescued by Leket Israel from corporate kitchens, IDF army bases, the Knesset, hotels, farms and more, is delivered to 200+ nonprofit organizations, including homeless shelters, soup kitchens, day care centres for the elderly, centres for women escaping domestic violence, community help organizations, and schools for at-risk youth. Leket provides food to approximately 175,000 Israelis in need every week, regardless of age, gender, religion, or ethnic background.

Unfortunately, the need only continues to grow and our impact is needed now more than ever. With your support Leket Israel will:

    Rescue over 2.5 million cooked meals from hotels, corporate cafeterias, IDF army bases, government offices etc.

    Collect more surplus fruits and vegetables to provide nutritious food for those most in need – and deliver it to people’s homes during COVID-19.

      Increase Leket Israel’s fleet of vehicles to open new points of collection and distribution.

    Provide a series of 4 Healthy Cooking and Eating workshops delivered by our nutritionist to over 1,000 mothers, fathers and children


Let your legacy be one of giving, and help provide fresh, nutritious food to those who need it most. Thanking you so much for your support.