JVN connects Jewish people to volunteering opportunities, reflecting their skills and interests.

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JVN is the largest volunteering charity in the Jewish community and the largest faith based volunteer network in the UK. We have amassed a membership of over 7,000 individuals over ten years who have, using our services, given their time to over 300 organisations mainly in the Jewish but also non-Jewish  community.
By supporting JVN, you will be helping to ensure that future generations can participate in varied, meaningful and essential volunteering opportunities. You will give credence to the reputation of the UK Jewish community as one in which its members actively contribute to its strength, increase its capabilities and care for its people. No matter what their interests, skills and abilities, we believe that everyone should be given the chance to volunteer through a volunteering opportunity that brings great gains to the charity, its beneficiaries and the volunteer him/her self.
Leaving a legacy to JVN guarantees that countless more people will continue to benefit from such opportunities to volunteer, and that charities will continue to receive the volunteers they irrefutably need to provide their crucial services, bringing immeasurable value to the community and improve the wellbeing of its most vulnerable members, strengthen its institutions and secure its future.
To find out more about JVN, please visit our website at www.jvn.org.uk or call 020 8203 6427 ext.3. Our Director Leonie Lewis would be delighted to talk to you about the impact your legacy will have on JVN’s plans for the future.