Jnetics’ aim is to eradicate severe, life-threatening genetic disorders from our community.

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Jnetics is the only cross-communal charity dedicated to the education and prevention of Jewish genetic disorders (JGDs) in the UK. We focus on genetic conditions that, though not exclusively Jewish, are of higher prevalence to people of Jewish ancestry

Our mission is to eliminate new cases of these devastating, yet wholly preventable, disorders from the Jewish community by providing education and accessible carrier screening to all young Jewish adults. Our hope is that genetic screening becomes standard practice, as it has been overseas for decades, thereby erasing these conditions and saving a countless number of lives.

It is important that anyone who is planning on having children, either now or in the future, takes a simple saliva test to get screened (https://www.jnetics.org/screening/) in order to make informed health decisions that can prevent them from passing on a devastating genetic illness to their child.

•          Our GENEius programme screens in eight mainstream Jewish schools each year

•          GENEius offers screening to university students each year

•          Jnetics has a clinic twice a month in partnership with our lab partner and the NHS for young people who would like to be screened before family planning.


Jnetics are entirely reliant on donations from the community to ensure that we can continue our vital work.


Leaving a legacy to Jnetics, will play a huge part in protecting our community’s future. For further information please contact Gabrielle Baigel: gaby@jnetics.org.