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There is nothing more important in life and in our community than taking care of our youngsters. Today’s Jewish young people have the energy and enthusiasm to shape and change their world in innovative and exciting ways that simply weren’t possible in previous generations.

Since 1895 the JLGB has trained and developed tens of thousands of young people to reach their potential through active citizenship, within both the Jewish and wider community, empowering them to become future leaders. The JLGB helps to remove barriers to participation by providing positive activities and targeted services that meet the religious and cultural needs of the Jewish community through its local, regional and national framework.

Encouraging friendship through achievement, recognition and personal development programmes, such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – adapted to be both kosher and Sabbath friendly, the JLGB helps to prepare and enable young Jewish people to develop the essential life skills needed to help their transition from young person to adult life.

Central to the ethos of the JLGB is active citizenship and giving back to society, encouraging young people’s involvement in volunteering, inter-faith and intergenerational projects that have a positive impact in both the Jewish and wider communities. Help us to develop the next generation into well-rounded thoughtful and active citizens.

Young people represent the best possible investment in the future – help us to help them.

Your support will help us to realise our long-term ambitions in shaping the future we want our children to have.