Jewish Child’s Day

Jewish Child’s Day (JCD) is the UK’s leading grant giving Jewish charity that has been transforming lives of children in need around the world for 75 years.

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JCD was founded in 1947 to support Jewish children across the world, who had recently endured the decimation of their communities and displacement during the Second World War. Today they remain dedicated to transforming the lives of Jewish children in need worldwide and are celebrating 75 years of their vital work.

Each year, over 20,000 Jewish children rely upon JCD to save them from deprivation, disadvantage, abuse and neglect through a range of projects focusing on Health, Equipment, Education, Activities and Therapy. JCD are there to nurture them and offer them a better, brighter future and therefore your legacy will be remembered FOREVER!

In the last 10 years, Jewish Child’s Day has:

  • Supported 1,500 organisations
  • Allocated £4million in grants through Health, Equipment, Education, Activities and Therapy projects
  • Transformed the lives of 200,000 children in need, worldwide

Jewish Child’s Day works tirelessly to award grants to support whatever is needed for children in the UK, Israel and other smaller communities worldwide. This could be for basic items such as clothes, food, toys, and books to life saving medical equipment especially for babies. They also award grants for equipment such as wheelchairs, cochlear implants, and walking aids, as well as supporting therapies, summer camps, respite, and rehabilitation. the list is endless and ever changing.

Sadly, since the start of the pandemic, the number of grant applications they receive has doubled and the number of children requiring help has grown.

TRUST Jewish Child’s Day today with your support by leaving a legacy in your will to Jewish Child’s Day, so TOGETHER, we can transform the lives of more children in need!

For further information on Jewish Child’s Day or how to leave a legacy, please visit or email