Secure a better future for Israel’s children in need

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Emunah in Israel supports over 10,000 children on a daily basis by providing residential homes, high schools, day care and family support centres as well as trauma therapy and counselling centres. British Emunah is a UK registered charity which relies entirely on donations to support 37 Emunah projects in Israel.

Backgrounds of abuse, poverty, ill-health and violence are common amongst the children Emunah cares for. Many of the children supported by Emunah are classified as ‘at risk’ and have sadly experienced serious neglect, instability and abuse in their short lives, often at the hands of those who are supposed to love and nurture them, their own parents.

At every Emunah centre each child receives the individual attention, educational support and therapeutic help required to meet their complex needs – giving them a positive future to look forward to.

Our many success stories show that by working with children and where appropriate, the whole family, Emunah can break the cycles of neglect and poverty so that the children we care for now will go on to live successful and happy lives.