Chai Cancer Care

Most of us will have to deal with the effects of a cancer diagnosis at some time in our lives; either at first hand or through someone close to us.

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Chai Cancer Care is the Jewish Community’s Cancer Support Organisation, enabling patients, their families and friends to cope with the impact of a cancer diagnosis. Chai’s expertise and services are for the benefit of everyone involved.

The breadth of Chai’s services increases each year in response to the needs of our clients and growing demand.

The full range of services is available at our flagship centre in North West London. These include: Counselling for individuals, couples and families; Therapies, Complementary Therapies, Children, Teenage and Family Service, Support Groups, Medical Outpatient Rehabilitation and Palliative Care Service, Advice and Advocacy and Nutritional and Dietary Advice.

Our 11 satellite centres across the UK provide counselling, complementary therapies and some group activities.

For clients who can’t come to a Chai centre because they are too unwell, Chai offers a Home Support Service – provided you live within our reach. For those who live some distance from a Chai site, you can still benefit from our services, advice and support, through telephone and Skype counselling. This service is provided both nationally and internationally and includes: Counselling, Nutritional and Dietary Advice, Advisory Services and Citizens Advice Bureau.

Chai does not have any waiting lists and all calls are responded to and clients seen within 24/48 hours.

We do not charge our clients for services, nor do we receive any statutory funding. Chai is entirely reliant on the generosity of our community to ensure our doors stay open.