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Many people don’t realise how important this form of giving is. Others are not sure that they can look after their family and still make room for charity but they can; it doesn’t matter what size your gift is, just that you make one.

There is more information on this website to help you think this decision through if you need it. So please, consider leaving a gift to charity in your Will; the causes we know and love today simply won’t survive without it.



Jewish Legacy – what will you leave behind?


Jewish Legacy is a cross communal initiative made up of 46 of the leading Jewish charities.

It was set up to help make members of the Jewish community aware that leaving a gift in their Will is vitally important. By working together and pooling our resources, our aim is to help you understand that the charities you support today really need your support to continue, through this unique form of giving. We seek to make Legacy giving as normal as making a donation during your lifetime, to help ensure that Jewish charities can look forward to a more secure future, thanks to your continued commitment and support. No matter which Jewish charities are close to your heart, it is vital to name them in your Will, once you have looked after your family, of course. You may not know that most charities depend on legacies to continue their work and without them some wouldn’t exist. With only one in four members of the community choosing to leave a legacy currently, compared to 75 per cent of us who give during our lifetime, we feel there is much still to be done to help the community see how important this form of giving is. We know the Jewish community is underpinned by a core belief in tzedakah so no matter the size or form your gift takes, we would like to help you understand the amazing difference a gift in your Will can make. Please, once you have looked after your family and loved ones, think about continuing to support the charities you care about most. By leaving a legacy to a Jewish charity, you will be helping others for generations to come.

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Now that our children are reaching adult hood, my husband and I will be reviewing our Wills again. We will naturally be taking care of our family, but also remembering those Jewish charities that are meaningful to us.

We look upon reviewing and making a Will to deal with significant life changes as a sensible and simple part of personal housekeeping.  It need not be expensive, and ensures that our Wills continue to accurately reflect our needs and wishes, lifting the burden of difficult decisions from our family and making sure that those we care about are properly provided for. –

Melanie Diamond of JW3 - one of Jewish legacy’s Charity partners