Over November we ask the Jewish Community to think about the essential work that our charity partners do and the vital services they offer and, as such, to help ensure that these continue by leaving a gift to one of them in their Will.

Once you have considered your family and friends and loved ones, Jewish Legacy Awareness Month is an opportunity to think about your favourite causes too.

In these ever changing and particularly difficult economic times, leaving a gift to charity in your Will, ensures the future of the Jewish Community.

As part of Jewish Legacy Awareness Month, throughout November and December, our Solicitors are offering to draft FREE Wills (providing they are simple/uncomplicated).

To take up this offer, please visit https://www.jewishlegacy.org.uk/find-a-solicitor/

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Now that our children are reaching adult hood, my husband and I will be reviewing our Wills again. We will naturally be taking care of our family, but also remembering those Jewish charities that are meaningful to us.

We look upon reviewing and making a Will to deal with significant life changes as a sensible and simple part of personal housekeeping.  It need not be expensive, and ensures that our Wills continue to accurately reflect our needs and wishes, lifting the burden of difficult decisions from our family and making sure that those we care about are properly provided for. –

Melanie Diamond of JW3 - one of Jewish legacy’s Charity partners